Terms of service

By visiting this website and using this service you agree to the terms of service from us, to the terms of service of Discord , tothe Discord guidelines, to applicable laws and agree that you are responsible for the actions you take on thiswebsite.
If you do not acknowledge the laws or agree the terms of service it is prohibited for you to visit this website and use this service. Our terms of servicecan update at any time! This would take effect immediately.


All personal information will only be asked when we really need it, in order to offer the service for you. All data we need gets asked in the authentication window by discord. This data will never be shared without your knowledge and without your declaration of consent. Your information is saved and protected to prevent from getting accessed, read, copied and modified. By continue using this websiteand service, you agree that your data is stored and used in order to provide the service. If you do not agree to this you are obliged to remove the bot from all serversand leave other servers, where this bot is in. Through this process all your data gets deleted. If you wish to see the stored data, please contact me.

We read messages to primarily execute commands.

Though this feature will be removed in April 2022, for more information see Discords article.

Another use case for messages is to calculate the experience you earn from a message. This is done to make leveling more fair for people who write a lot of text in a single message. There is also a feature which detects if a message is determined as spam messages (With spam not the amount of each message is meant, more like the words in a message and their duplicates).
If you add Myra to your own server we store your server id to store your personal server settings.
User data
Through writing messages in a server which has Myra your following user data gets stored in order to provide it on the website. To provide certain features we need use third-party services:
  • Id
  • Discriminator
  • Avatar
  • Badges
  • Message count
Note that this data gets stored also for each member. This makes sever specific leveling possible. All the other data is needed to make the website functional.


All used cookies are required for the website to work. We do not use any third-party cookies. If you wish to delete all cookies, head down to the footer and click on "Clear cookies".

Third-party services

To provide certain features we need use third-party services:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Reddit
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Bandcamp
  • Vimeo
When using any features including these services, we cannot ensure that the contents provided by the third-party service, do not contain any sexism or racism.